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How to order

    How to order a seat                                                                                              
 We need you to send us an email with your info. 

Please include:  Name, shipping address, phone #, email address, Plus your bike make, model and year.

our email is- ( )


   For the seat

 First we need to know if you want a Single bucket or a Double bucket?


For our Single bucket seat--- (only the driver receives a bucket seat with the center insert option and stitch pattern...Passenger/pillion area will remain stock- but will be recovered with new vinyl)   

For our Double bucket seat-- (both the driver and the passenger receives a bucket seat with matching center inserts and stitch pattern)   

Seat build options: Either, you can send us your seat and we can build on it  -OR- On some motorcycles I have Core seats available. You can pay a refundable seat deposit for one of our core seats. When you return your old seat back to us (usually within ONE MONTH of receiving your new seat) you will receive the deposit back in full. *And as a reminder, either way We need the WHOLE SEAT  (pan and foam).  This option lets you keep riding during the time that it takes us to build you your seat.



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