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About us

Terry has been a motorcycle rider since he was 12 years old and has ridden extensively in all 48 contiguous states and Hawaii. Debi , his wife, had only ridden less than 5 miles on a motorcycle when they met... needless to say she has many, many more miles under her belt now.  Being motorcycle riders, they enjoy getting away on trips to the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas whenever they can. Once a year they plan a long trip  together. While Terry drives, Debi navigates and can be found snapping pictures along their way.


Terry has always been a motorcycle enthusiast and was a Kawasaki/Suzuki dealer for almost 30 years. While he was in this business he started tinkering with his motorcycle seats so, that he could be more comfortable on longer trips. He went thru many trials and errors, before he came up with an acceptable seat design. Before long, his friends started asked him to work his magic on their seats. Later on, long time customers started requesting him to work on their seats  or their friends seats too.


When Terry decided to down-size in  2012' he thought he would continue making motorcycle seats as a hobby in his workshop at home. By  2014' he was working full time in that  home workshop. To help him concentrate  on the seat builds and to keep him organized--he was needing Debi.  On weekday afternoons/early evenings  she can be found scheduling the builds, doing most of the customer correspondence and paper work...(keeping up with customer emails and their requests, seat inventory, payments and/or refunding Core Deposits) and making sure that they have enough time off for family and mini trips. 

Work Process:

A Note from Terry

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I build each seat to the owners request. I can custom-make your seat within the bounds of the STOCK seat pan. Most seats can be made to lower or raise the seat height of the driver and/or passenger. Some motorcycles will let me move the driver back away from the handle bars, but most of them will let me move you forward --closer to the tank.

I build each seat for the owner so, I use their height and weight to help with the location of the bucket. I use different weights or firmness of foam in the construction. A soft foam- in the center under the tailbone to keep pressure off this area forcing you to sit on your butt cheeks. A firmer foam -on the upper portion of the wings for the butt cheeks to sit on. Lastly,  I use a very firm foam on the underside of the wings going down to the pan, to hold the wings up and not sag.



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